Ladouce Tampon Review

Ladouce Tampon Review

I started using tampons about a year or 2 before getting pregnant. What I love most about tampons is that it keeps me fresh and odor free during that time of the month. It also let me go through my day forgetting about my period, and it doesn’t take too much space in my bag or purse.

The 3 boxes I got for winning Ladouce Tampons Facebook giveaway. #tanielovesgiveawaya

I like trying out new products and brands. And scrolling through Facebook I found a new name in the tampon game in the Philippines. Its called  Ladouce Tampons I love how the brand educates on tampon use (because pads are the norm here in PHL), about Toxic Shock Syndrome (which you can always see on leaflet of most tampon brands),use of tampons at night, etc. And its earth-friendly, as their Facebook page says:

“Unlike other sanitary products Ladouce tampons are not bleached: so it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.💕 The tampons are 100% Bio degradable and environmental friendly compared to napkins which uses plastic lining or tampons which uses plastic applicators.🍃 Be nice to your body and the nature: change from traditional napkins to Ladouce tampons!😍”

I was lucky enough that at that time they have free samples given out via product sampling site Free Samples Ph where I was able to get a Ladouce Sampler kit (contains 1 of each size of Ladouce Tampons, mini, Normal and Super) and a full box of the mini size. But luck was really on my side as Ladouce held a giveaway on Facebook and I was chosen as one of the winners, winning 1 box each of the sizes of their tampons!

The samples I got from


Since I just have given birth, I hold off using tampons and used sanitary napkins instead. And it really made me realize the difference of using a sanitary pad versus using a tampon and why I made the right decision to switch years ago!

Anyway, fast forward to December 2017, after almost 17 months, my period made a come-back.  And was able to finally use my Ladouce stash!  What sets it apart other tampons is it doesn’t have an applicator which made it even easier to stash in your bag or purse.  I was able to utilize all sizes during the duration of my period.  Tampons can be pricey but comparing the tampons I used during my average 3-day period vs sanitary pads, I can say it is more economical to use the former and you don’ t have to worry about leaks and stains! How’s that for the cost of your peace of mind? 😁  When using tampons, I still use panty liners  though to really prevent staining.


Look! No applicator, look how teenie tiny they are! (L-R Mini, Regular, Super)


You can get free Ladouce Tampons  samples at Free Samples Ph just pay for shipping or buy them at their official LAZADA, SHOPPEE & OLX accounts and follow them on Facebook Ladouce FB as they regularly host giveaways!

Give tampons a try  and wonder why you haven’t made the switched  long ago and let me know of your experiences too!





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